21 December 2023  |  Schiphol

Congratulations to our 44 employees that have been promoted this year!

People have always been DIF’s greatest asset and the work our employees do doesn’t go unrecognised.

This is the full list of this year’s promotions per grade. Join us in wishing them every success in their new role.

Congratulations to all of you!

Promotions to Managing Director
Jesse van Schouwenburg
Helen Murphy
Kees de Ru
Marlous van Wouwe
Pierre Boschin
Julien Millet

Dan Fetter has been appointed as Deputy Head Value Creation

Promotions to Senior Director
Twan van Vlerken
Philipp Lauch
Carmen Martín
Tristan Taylor
Angelo Lacroix

Promotion to Director 
Alessandro Pinelli
Steven Cross
Thibault Barrallon
Matt Harding
Jason Loo
Carmen Gonzalez
Heloise Gouget
Jovi Li
Rebecca Mulder
Raymon Ruijter
Victoria Stradnic
Mark Vuurberg
Melissa Chan

Promotion to Associate Director
Sascha Rütz
Bryce Freeburn
Somar Alhajali
Charlotte Wijlhuizen
Kirsten Lagerweij
Wybren Brouwer
Maxime Reinke
Michael Wong
Sarah Travis
Hamza Chaudhry
Olivier Laflamme
Miguel Sanchez de las Matas
Shyam Rajani

Promotion to Associate 
Lauren Page
Katarzyna Fuglewicz
Katerina Novotna
Rico Glase
Michel Bartoschik
Johannes von Möllendorff

Promotion to Analyst
Jenny Chen

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