Fraud awareness

Please be aware that DIF’s name, trademark, brands, addresses and other publicly available information may be misused by fraudsters publishing websites or using email accounts that fraudulently claim to be affiliated with DIF.

Fraudsters can use DIF’s name in furtherance of a variety of criminal activities. They may seek to impersonate or claim affiliation with DIF by using e.g. fraudulent websites, email addresses, applications or social media accounts. They may pose as a legitimate organisation, send emails or make phone calls to extract personal data for the use of financial crimes while using names of real employees and by replicating documentation.

When communicating with DIF please remember:

  • DIF does not engage directly with retail customers nor offers retail products (investments) to the general public, either directly or through social media platforms or applications or any kind of intermediary.
  • To confirm that you visit an authentic DIF website, i.e. or
  • DIF does not engage in cold calling or in sending unsolicited messages or emails. If you receive an unsolicited telephone call, message or email from someone purporting to represent DIF it is possibly fraudulent, please take care not to provide any (personal) information.
  • Not to respond to emails from an email address other than an authorised DIF e-mail address. DIF only uses “”, “” or “” for its email addresses.
  • DIF does not conduct business over chat or other media platforms.

Please do not hesitate to contact DIF in case you have any fraud concerns.