Overview of investment

France LNG Shipping is a French platform that will own and operate a fleet of six to-be-built LNG carriers (and potentially more). The five 174,000 Cubic Meter (m3) vessels, will be equipped with state-of- the-art LNG fuelled propulsion technology, resulting in best-in-class environmental performance.

Public benefits:

  • Catalysing local economic development
  • Lowering emissions
  • Job creation
Investment date
November 2019
DIF ownership stake

174,000 m3

LNG transport capacity per vessel (in cubic meters)


Engine emission savings on conventional diesel ships

ESG impacts

  • We believe LNG offers a bridging solution to providing cleaner energy and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. Indeed LNG represents an attractive alternative to traditional oil-based fuels and coal in the industry and transportation markets, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 20%, lowering NOX emissions by 35% and eliminating most sulfur oxides and particulates.
  • All vessels owned by France LNG Shipping will operate within the stringent emissions rules set by the International Maritime Organisation in 2020 as they benefit from a dual-fuel slow-speed engine technology.
  • For this project, DIF Capital Partners has partnered with highly experienced shipowner, NYK and Geogas, both having ESG matters high on their agendas. The vessels are also all operated under French flag, which entails high safety, environmental and social standards.

“LNG is the cleanest of fossil fuel and will help support the phasing out from coal and the increase of intermittent renewable energy in the energy mix. The vessels within the France LNG Shipping platform are compatible with most LNG terminals throughout the world and benefit from the best-in-class propulsion technology from an environmental point of view. France LNG Shipping is also proud to participate in a strategic project for the further development of the French LNG sector.”

Kevin Kirby,
General Manager, France LNG Shipping SAS