30 November 2021  |  Schiphol

DIF Capital Partners releases ESG annual report “Our path to Net Zero”

Today, DIF Capital Partners (“DIF”) publishes its ESG report “Our path to Net Zero” outlining its ambitions and contributions to ESG and climate change over the last year. We are proud to report significant continuing progress since we reached A+ UNPRI scores for our ESG approach last year. Over the years DIF has successfully embedded ESG in its investment principles, policies and processes.

Sustainable management of our investments

ESG improvements remain a corporate priority and active engagement with our investments is key to our success. ESG is considered in all stages of the investment cycle, from initial ESG screening during the investment phase to annual ESG actions plans. Our focus is on five areas which we see as most relevant to the sustainable management of investments: Governance, Safety, Environment, Human Capital & Community and Climate Resilience.

We have realized significant performance improvements across these five core ESG areas by creating individual plans for each investment and by closely monitoring progress. This included among others the implementation of higher safety standards, increased investments in local communities and enhanced management of climate risk.

In addition, we outline the positive contribution of our portfolio to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the intrinsic public benefit of these investments.

A huge step forward is our decision in 2021 to commit ourselves to become a Net Zero investment manager – in line with the global effort to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Looking ahead

Core to our business is an appreciation of the strong connection between our investments, their users and our own employees. That’s why we pride ourselves in taking care of our own people and communities, in “walking the talk” on the environment and promoting diversity and equality of opportunity.

The decisions made during COP26 Glasgow indicate that global leaders are aware of the fact that now is the time to act to stop global warming. DIF will continue its focus on a net zero future and increase its sustainability efforts across its portfolio and the organization. This is how DIF contributes to ensure a safer and energy efficient world that is focused on a positive impact on local communities.

More information on the progress made on the DIF Path to Net Zero and contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be read by downloading the DIF ESG Report 2021.  


About DIF Capital Partners

DIF Capital Partners is a leading global independent investment manager, with more than €9.0 billion in assets under management across nine closed-end infrastructure funds and several co-investment vehicles. DIF invests in infrastructure companies and assets located primarily in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia through two complementary strategies:

  • DIF CIF funds target equity investments in small to mid-sized economic infrastructure assets in the telecom, energy transition, and transportation sectors.
  • Traditional DIF funds, of which DIF Infrastructure Fund VI is the latest vintage, target equity investments with long-term contracted or regulated income streams including public-private partnerships, concessions, utilities, and (renewable) energy projects.

DIF Capital Partners has a team of over 170 professionals, based in ten offices located in Amsterdam (Schiphol), Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, New York, Paris, Santiago, Sydney, and Toronto. For more information please visit www.dif.eu.


Allard Ruijs, IR & BD
Email: a.ruijs@dif.eu