About us

Independent, Established and Specialist Fund Manager

DIF is a leading independent fund management company with ca. € 3.7 billion of funds raised. Through five investment funds, DIF invests in high-quality infrastructure assets that generate long-term, stable cash-flows, including Public Private Partnership projects (PPP/PFI/P3), renewable energy projects and other core infrastructure projects in Europe, North America and Australia.

In September 2015 DIF closed the fundraising for its latest fund, DIF Infrastructure IV, raising € 1.15 billion, beating its target of € 1 billion. DIF Infrastructure IV is now being invested. DIF has a team of ca. 70 professionals located across its offices in Amsterdam (Schiphol), Paris, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Luxembourg, Toronto and Sydney, providing it with access to the growing number of investment opportunities across Europe, North America and Australia. By being located in or close to its target markets, DIF can originate and manage investments efficiently. DIF has invested in more than 170 infrastructure projects, with a total asset value of over € 20 billion.

Stable, Long-Term, Cash Flow Yielding Investments

DIF’s strategy is to target investments that generate predictable, long-term and stable cash flows. These are generally inflation linked and secured by government or highly rated entities for the life of a project, typically 25 to 30 years for PPP projects and 20 to 25 years for renewable energy projects. DIF’s asset management team focuses on managing and optimising the performance of the portfolios through leveraging economies of scale, ensuring best practice across the portfolios and through seeking opportunities to enhance value through e.g. re-contracting and refinancing.

Superior Risk-Adjusted Return Profile

The funds’ cash flows are typically contract-covered and have a relatively low correlation with other investment types, such as equities, bonds and real estate.

The performance track record of the funds managed by DIF have proved resilient against the adverse impacts of the recent financial crisis.

Attractive Pipeline and Market

DIF has an extensive investment pipeline, derived from its well-established relationships with major contractors, developers and advisers in Europe, North America and Australia. DIF additionally benefits from its local presence in its target markets and as a result has a growing reputation.