22 September 2022  |  

Customer Due Diligence Analyst

DIF Capital Partners is looking for multiple Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Analysts to identify and mitigate
integrity risks, as part of DIF’s first line supporting the counterparty-facing teams with their CDD needs. In the
role you will prepare Risk Assessment Reports through performing detailed CDD and assess the money
laundering, fraud, sanctions and terrorist financing risks of new and existing customers. You will have direct
contact with DIF’s diverse international counterparties, which are institutional investors, co-shareholders,
buyers and sellers of our investments, and other business relations. You will also collaborate with various
colleagues across the globe. Through your work: DIF will have better insight into our counterparties and
thereby mitigating financial, regulatory and reputational risks to the firm. You will also assist with CDD queries
on DIF itself for which it will be required to learn about the various DIF Investments, Investment Funds and
their Manager.


CDD Analyst

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