Delfluent - Waste Water Treatment

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Country: Netherlands
Fund: DIF II & III
Project capital cost: € 350 million
Investment date: Dec - 2003
Status: Operational


  • The Delfluent project consists of the design, construction, financing and operation of the Dutch wastewater treatment plant Harnaschpolder, and the refurbishment of the existing plant Houtrust to bring this plant in line with current environmental regulations;
  • The project is one of the few waste water PPP transactions that have been completed globally and it is the largest wastewater PPP project in Europe;
  • The project cost was € 350 million;
  • The project benefits from a 30 year availability-based PPP concession and has been operational since 2008;
  • Financial Close took place in 2003;
  • Operations are performed by Evides (Dutch municipal water utility);
  • DIF made it first investment in the project in 2011.