Netz-West – Rolling stock

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Country: Germany
Project capital cost: € 135 million
Investment date: Mar - 2014
Status: Operational


  • The Netz West project involves the purchase of 15 new Bombardier diesel locomotives and 90 refurbished passenger carriages, and the provision of these assets for 19 years to the regional operator of the passenger rail network between Hamburg and the Island of Sylt pursuant to a Rolling Stock Provision Agreement with the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany;
  • The project receives fixed lease rentals from the operator, with the lease rentals backed by the State through a 19 years concession agreement;
  • The operation, insurance and maintenance is undertaken by the operator;
  • The project cost was € 135 million; being funded over the 1.5 years manufacturing period;
  • Operations started in December 2015;
  • Long term debt financing has been provided by German lenders, and financial close was achieved in March 2014