A7 Nord – Availability road

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Country: Germany
Project capital cost: € 600 million
Investment date: Aug - 2014
Status: Construction


  • The A7 highway is one of the main North – South transport corridors in Germany. The project covers the northern part (65 km) of the A7 in the Hamburg area and comprises the expansion of the A7 from a two-lane to a three and four-lane motorway, and its operation & maintenance;
  • The road is mainly used for commuting to and from Hamburg, as well as heavier commercial traffic to and from Scandinavia (Denmark / Sweden);
  • The 30 year concession agreement includes an availability-based payment scheme;
  • Financing was completed in August 2014 by way of a long term bond financing provided by the European Investment Bank and a club of international institutional investors and banks, with an A-grade rating by S&P;
  • The project is expected to cost € 600 million;
  • DIF was one of three investors, along with German contractors Hochtief and Kemna;
  • Construction started in Autumn 2014 and is expected to finish by the end of 2018.