DIF Infrastructure Yield I

fully invested
€ 750 000 000

Closed to investors - fully invested

DIF Infrastructure Yield I was established in September 2017 to acquire and manage 48 projects sold to one institutional buyer by DIF Infrastructure II and DIF Infrastructure III. The Fund has total commitments of ca. € 750 million, a 25 year life, and will seek to hold the majority of the projects until the end of their concession life.

The Fund has acquired PPP/PFI and renewable energy projects in Western Europe that offer long-term stable cash-flows with minimal commercial risk. The PPP/PFI projects include road as well as health, education, government and court accommodation projects. The renewable energy projects include onshore wind and solar PV projects. The projects are located in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Fund is fully invested and is focused on managing and optimising the projects.