DIF Infrastructure IV

€ 1 150 000 000

Closed to investors; investing

DIF Infrastructure IV was launched in July 2015 and realised a final closing in September 2015. The committed capital is € 1.15 billion, which substantially exceeded the target of € 1 billion.

The fund invests in PPP/PFI/P3 projects, renewable energy projects and other core infrastructure assets with a similar characteristics and risk/return profile in Europe, North America and Australia that provide long-term stable cash-flows with minimal commercial risk.

The fund targets both primary projects and secondary (operational) projects which combined strategy provides an attractive return and immediate cash yield to investors. Key target markets are the UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Austria, Scandinavia, Ireland, Canada, US and Australia, while other countries in Europe and New Zealand are targeted on a case by case basis.