DIF Infrastructure III

fully invested
€ 800 000 000

Closed to investors - fully invested

DIF III was launched in May 2012 and held a final close in March 2013 at €800 million, exceeding the target of €600 million.

The fund has made 56 investments in PPP (PFI/P3), Regulated and Renewable Energy assets. The investments are located in Europe and North America. The investments include greenfield (construction) and brownfield (operational) investments.

In September 2017 DIF III sold 12 investments, which were crossholdings with DIF II, as part of the portfolio sale of the remaining assets in the DIF II portfolio. DIF continues to manage these assets on behalf of the buyer in DIF Infrastructure Yield I.

The fund is fully invested and the DIF team is focused on monitoring and further optimizing the investments.