Investment approach

DIF’s primary objective is to maximise the return on capital by investing in PPP projects, certain renewable energy projects and other core infrastructure assets with similar characteristics and risk/return profile. DIF targets primary and secondary investment opportunities in Europe, North America and Australia. Investments are typically € 10 to € 50 million per transaction, but DIF has the ability to invest up to circa € 250 million in one transaction. DIF’s strategy is based on contractual and active risk mitigation while securing long-term inflation linked revenue streams from government and/or highly rated entities. DIF’s investments typically have long-term, non-recourse debt financing in place at closing. DIF seeks to invest in projects with stable, predictable and long-term cash flows (e.g. 30 years) which are relatively insensitive to economic fluctuation. Following investment, DIF’s asset management team focuses on enhancing returns to investors through its optimisation process and pro-active asset management.

With six offices in Europe, one in Canada and one in Australia, DIF is able to leverage its local networks to secure substantial deal flow. Over the past years, DIF’s team of professionals has established a proven track record as a reputable and active player in its target markets, with the necessary skill set to successfully originate, execute, manage and exit complex PPP, infrastructure and renewable energy projects.