DIF Infrastructure III reaches second close at EUR 463 million

Schiphol, Tuesday 18 December 2012DIF, a leading independent fund manager, has reached the second close on its fourth infrastructure fund, DIF Infrastructure III, by receiving EUR 463 million of commitments from investors.

DIF started fundraising for DIF Infrastructure III in January, held its first close in May and is targeting EUR 600 million for a final close with a hard cap of EUR 750 million. The final close is planned for the first quarter of 2013.

DIF Infrastructure III will have a similar investment strategy to DIF Infrastructure II

and will target investments in projects with long term stable cash flows, principally

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and renewable energy projects. As with its previous funds DIF Infrastructure III will focus on both primary and secondary investment opportunities, a strategy which enables DIF to generate an attractive immediate yield for its investors, while also achieving capital growth.

DIF is currently preferred bidder for a number of transactions in various countries in both the PPP and renewable energy space. 

DIF Profile

DIF is a fully independent dedicated fund management company focussed on infrastructure and renewable energy. In total DIF currently manages an equity portfolio of roughly € 1 billion.

DIF has recently launched its latest infrastructure fund, DIF Infrastructure III which aims to raise € 600 million with a cap at € 750 million. DIF Infrastructure III targets investments in infrastructure projects with a moderate risk profile, primarily PPP and energy related projects in Europe and North America.

DIF has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Luxembourg and Toronto.

For more information, please contact:

Wim Blaasse, Managing Partner
e-mail: w.blaasse@dif.eu

Allard Ruijs, Managing Director
e-mail: a.ruijs@dif.eu